Lowchens as Pets

Lowchens are known as the ‘little lion dog’ because they have a special non-shedding fluffy coat, which is often groomed in a lion cut. The breed is extremely cute with their very unique lion-like appeal and their charismatic personalities. They are quite robust little dogs that can adapt easily and be raised either in the city or the country.

The Lowchen is a cheerful, playful, and gentle natured. They are active and lively dogs that enjoy playing with the family and this kind of behaviour will continue for the duration of the dog’s life. The Lowchen are highly intelligent and are easy to train. They excel in agility and obedience.

All our puppies are sent to their new homes with their own puppy pack filled with information including how to raise your new puppy.

We also include our new Puppy Parents into our Team Paceaway exclusive Facebook group full of hints, tips and interaction with other Paceaway owners.


Some Happy Lowchen Pets With Their New Owners