The Paceaway Puppy Difference

We are passionate about breeding beautiful, healthy Dalmatians and Lowchens with wonderful temperaments.

The Paceaway Dalmatian breed line has been meticulously crafted over 50 years… our pet puppies are so true to the World Breed Standard that they could just as easily be ‘superstar’ show dogs.

Since 1985, when Lowchens were added to Paceaway we have had the delight of enjoying this non-shedding, fun loving breed.

Paceaway are renowned for breeding outstanding pets of the most superior quality.

Our puppies are stunningly beautiful with the most delightful temperaments. All our pet puppies stem from World Class Champion Lineage, we only breed from the ‘best’ of the ‘best’… that is the pride and legacy of ‘Paceaway’.

Choosing a puppy is a big decision that needs to be made carefully.

Firstly, you need to make sure you are buying from an ethical reputable breeder.

Our puppies spend the first 4 weeks of their life in our home environment. At Rosemount farm we have established a garden environment – comparable to a suburban back yard, with plenty of room to run around with shade and shelter.

They are well socialized with humans and other dogs, and especially their own members of the pack and are used to being around other dogs, horses, the odd cow or two and of course ‘the farm cat’. Our dogs are so well balanced and adjusted.

Fran Darling is a member of ANKC and has achieved Australia’s Top Breeder for over 10 years. We adhere to a strict code of practise so you can be assured your puppy comes from a legitimate registered breeder passionate about upholding the breed standard.

We put lots of energy into selecting our puppies parents and raising our puppies. Their happy balanced nature and eternal loyalty will quickly make you love these dogs.

All our puppies are sent to their new homes with their own puppy pack filled with information including how to raise your new puppy.

We also include our new Puppy Parents into our Team Paceaway exclusive Facebook group full of hints, tips and interaction with other Paceaway owners.

Our Rich History

Discover the rich history of the Paceaway name and the long line of champions in their lineage.