The Versatile Dalmatian

Dalmatians are energetic dogs with quite an athletic build. You may not know it, but they are very versatile animals with can be trained in a number of different abilities. We’ve displayed on this page some videos to show you how versatile a dalmatian really can be. We hope you enjoy.

Lure Coursing

Dogs have an instinct to chase, and lure coursing simulates this by having some bags tied to a rope that is pulled along a course that allows the dog to run flat out and have some fun.


In an agility course, a dog is run through an obstacle course by its trainer with the goal to make the best time and the least mistakes. This is done without the use of any kind of treats to entice them rough the course.

Dock Diving

In dock diving a dog is competing in either height or distance to jump into some kind of body of water whether it be man made or natural.