Dalmatian Champions and Specials

Since 1967 Paceaway has continued to produce quality Dalmatians both in Australia and Overseas. With over 200 champions and 40 Grand Champions and Supreme Champions we are proud to be …


As Australia’s TOP Breeder PACEAWAY is now incorporated in most of the successful Dalmatian kennels in Australia
‘We have also incorporated TOP American, Canadian, European and New Zealand bloodlines with our own established pedigrees.

Enquiries ALWAYS welcome for Show or Quality Pet puppies.  

Jilloc’s Xpensive Ticket (imp Swe) (Aust Ch BISS Nordic JW 10) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Sabari (Ch) (Dr M & Mrs L Donald)
Paceaway Allspice ET (CH) (Jenni O’Connor)
Paceaway American Graffitti (AI) (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway At Rosemount (Multi BIS/BISS AM CH. ARG GR CH. URU CH. Aust Supreme Ch) (Darling / Vernon / Besoff)
Paceaway Baranger (Aust Ch) (Michelle Little)
Paceaway Bergerac (Aust Ch) (S. Lovett-Laverty)
Paceaway Box Office (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Casino Royale (AUST.CH.) (Kerryn Harvey & Kyra Ricketts)
Paceaway Coach in Hand (AI) (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Coach Maker (AI) (CH) (Jenni O’connor)
Paceaway Coach Man (AI) (Aust Ch) (Craig Hatzikiriakos)
Paceaway Coach Master (AI) (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Coffee Beanz (SUPREME CH) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
Paceaway Dream Catcher (RUBISS AUS CH) (Jenni Oconnor)
Paceaway Eye Liner (Aust Ch) (Am Ch) (P & L Dyer & Fran Darling)
Paceaway Fairytales (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Fun In The Sun (Aust Ch) (Kerryn Harvey)
Paceaway Greased Litenin (Multi BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Heaven Sent (Aust Ch) (Am Ch) (Jenni OConnor)
Paceaway Justa Gold Star (Grand Champion) (Mrs Lee Harris)
Paceaway Kiwi Konexon (IID) (MULTI BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Kule Kat (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Malibu (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Nite Fire (BIS Aust Sup Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Pendragon (Aust Champion) (Jalorca Kennels (Carol Brady))
Paceaway Phire Dancer (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Pippi Longstockin (Multi BIS Aust & NZ Ch) (Mr P Gough & Ms T Chandler)
Paceaway Rekindled (Aust Ch) (Paul Gough/Tamarin Chandler)
Paceaway Revenge (Aust Ch) (Caroche Kennels)
Paceaway Rose Tattoo (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Rosebud (AUST CH) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Skys The Limit (Supreme Ch) (Ms Kerryn Harvey)
Paceaway Starz in the Sky (BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Starz N Stripes (AI) (Jenni O’Connor)
Paceaway Summer Reigns (Aust Ch) (Michelle Little)
Paceaway Tearz From Heaven At Zolandia (Imp Aus) (Multi BIS /Multi BISS NZ CH / SPL GR CH) (Pam Norman)
Paceaway Top Fashion AI (Aust Ch) (Maxine Lee)
Paceaway Top Knotch (Aust Ch) (Outlook Kennels)
Paceaway Top Rumour (AI) RN JD ET (Dual Ch (T)) (Sharon Gahan)
Paceaway Trifecta (Aust Ch) (Mr M Clarke)
Paceaway Trindigo (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Wicked Wayz (Aust Ch) (Michelle Little)
paceaway Wingz o Gold (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jenni O’Connor)
Paceaway Winter in Vegas (Aust Supreme Champion) (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Xceed The Speed (Aust Ch) (J. L. Clark-Pearman)
Paceaway Xclusive Ticket (BISS Aust Sup Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
Paceaway Xpensive Liason (Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling & R & D Bessof & G Vernon)
Paceaway Xtreme Impact (Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
Paceaway Zaballero (BIS RUBIS RUBISS Aust Sup CH) (Jenni O’Connor)
Paceaway Ztardust (Fran Darling)
Rothkeal Flashstorm at Paceaway (IMP NZ ) (BIS BISS NZ & AUST CH) (Fran Darling)
Topspott Rosebank At Paceaway (Aust Ch Grand Ch India) (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Doin Thyme (Staycee Brian)
Aust Ch Paceaway Enchanted (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Just Havin Fun (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Penny Lane (Ms Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Summer Rises (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Eye Catching (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Eye Candy (Fran Darling
Aust & Neut Ch Paceaway American Graffitti (AI) (Shelley Blackburn)
Aust Neut Ch Paceaway Flash Point (Staycee Brian)
Aust Ch Paceaway Zendetta (AI) (Fran Darling)
Aust Sup Ch Paceaway Starz in the Sky (Fran Darling)
Aust Sup Ch Paceaway Ticket To The Starz (Yanina Smith/Katelyn Smith)
Aust Ch Paceaway Zazzino (Cynthia Graham)
Aust Ch Paceaway Winter Chill (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Jack Sparrow (M Clarke)
Aust Ch Paceaway I Hava Dream (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
Aust Grand Ch Paceaway Ticket To Glory (AI) (Ms M Roberts)
Aust Ch Paceaway Trindigo (AI) (Ms Fran Darling)
Paceaway Pepper Jack (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Just Magic (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Spice Girl (Jenni O’Connor)
Paceaway Nutella Atneehi (Jenni O’Connor)
Aust Ch Paceaway Flash Point (S Brian)
Aust Ch Paceaway Wicked Wingz (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Everafter (AI) (C Graham)
Paceaway Heaven Can Wait (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Tribal Law (Mr M & Mrs R Clarke)
Aust Ch Paceaway Ticket For Roses (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Give Me More (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Revenge (Caroche Kennels)
Aust Ch Paceaway Cinnomon Bun (Y Smith & K Smith
Aust Ch Paceaway Allspice (J O’Connor)
Aust Ch Paceaway X Rating (T & S Mallia / Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Red Poppy (L & M Donald)
Aust Sup Ch Paceaway Rum Ruffian (C Graham
Aust Ch Paceaway Indecent Proposal (T Chandler & P Gough)
Aust Ch Paceaway Embargo (Maxine Lee
Aust Ch Paceaway Skys the Limit (Fran Darling
Aust Ch Paceaway Xclusive Ticket (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
Aust Ch Paceaway Ona Misson (Mellissa Watt)
Aust Ch Paceaway Rekindled (Paul Gough/Tamarin Chandler)
Aust Ch Paceaway Kimberella (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Xtreme Impact (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
Aust Ch Paceaway Xtreme Addiction (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Gingerbread Man (Outlook Kennels)
Aust Sup Ch Paceaway Kold Kash (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Reflection (Mr Joshua D Grant
Aust Ch Mal Ch Paceaway Wild Oats (J Grant)
Aust Ch Paceaway XFactored (P & L Dyer)
Paceaway Sabre (C Graham)
Aust Ch Paceaway Gosh Im Flash (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
Paceaway Sabrina (Brooke Graham-Reading)
Aust Ch Paceaway Roses R Red (C Graham & F Darling)
Aust Ch Topspott Talisker At Paceaway(AI) (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Prickleme Pumpkin (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway On The Money (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Remington (Mr Joshua D Grant)
Aust Ch Paceaway Kiwi Klassic (IID) (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Roses Only (M Bennett)
Paceaway Kit Kat (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
Aust Sup Ch Paceaway Fiery Devil (Yanina Smith / Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Newz Flash (B C Spencer)
Aust Ch Paceaway Kule Kat (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Kando Kalypso (Megan Bennett
Paceaway Ace O Hearts (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Malibu (Fran Darling)
Paceaway Rizka Deva (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
Aust Ch HK Ch Paceaway Justa Gamble (Fran Darling)
Aust Ch Paceaway Madison (Mrs B C Spencer
Aust Ch Paceaway Ticino (Fran Darling)

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